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Lady Nymphetamine

TIL: WeeChat makes a simple bouncer by leaving it on 24/7 in your personal server and just SSH to it

some asshole spilled water on my pixel 2 XL and now i gotta get the screen replaced :(

Leave me and I'll be searching for you harder than a semicolon misplaced in 20,000 lines of drunken coding

Using memes to advertise a fast food chain: bad, ethically dubious and distasteful.
Using memes to advertise funeral directors: objectively funny.

>your post has been marked as spam

I'm always worried I annoy people when I reply and that

:archer_S: :archer_C: :archer_A: :archer_R: :archer_E: :archer_S:
:archer_M: :archer_E:

Update: brought slot 1 PC home after restoring.
Forgot VGA cable.
It now sits at the corner awaiting resuscitation.

Lonely as fuck at 4:30 in the morning :')

Update: 2 hours of swapping ram, finally got 548Mb in the slot 1

Update: installing lubuntu instead

Update: installing XP SP2 on the slot 1

Update: none of the IDE drives are working correctly. Installing a SATA drive with IDE adapter for CD-RW.

My dad just gave me a book on MS-DOS. I'm so happy rn